Creating the Day, Cairns - Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery

Creating the Day

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Location – Cairns, Queensland.

Limited Edition of only 25 artworks.
Read more about the artwork, the camera details, and how this photograph was captured, along with a relevant photo tip, in the product description below.


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Creating the Day, Cairns – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery


Creating the Day, Cairns – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery

This is an unframed, limited edition collection landscape photography print of only 25 units. It is printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl papers, structured to refract the highest values in colour and detail. It’s high-quality ink absorbing layer enables exceptional image quality with enormously detailed sharpness, and a very broad colour range, providing archival permanency of your artwork for over 100 years.


On tripod, Canon 5DMk2, 16mm, F14, 1/8th sec, ISO 125, no filter, processed in Lightroom.

I remember this morning as clear as a bell. It was one of three in a row where the sunrise was, by far the most beautiful I’d seen in years. The beaches in Cairns, especially in winter are just gloriously clear, clean and crisp. I wanted to capture a purely crisp sunrise, with stunningly clear colour. I wanted to capture what it looks like when the planet is creating the day for us. Positioned carefully to showcase the silhouettes of Double Island and Scout Hat, I waited for the star burst of the sunrise on the horizon, and went home satisfied with what I’d seen and captured.

Creating the Day, Cairns – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery


Sunrise photographs can be very calming and fun to capture, but there are a few little things to watch for. Firstly watch the opposing horizon to the sunrise. An indication of colour across the sky indicates a stunning sunrise is coming. Get ready.  Secondly, if there are no clouds on the horizon at all, you’ll have the chance to capture “the starburst”. This is the point where the sun first peaks over the horizon causing a star like effect. Be quick though, this can often only last 2-3 seconds, if that. Be mindful the longer the exposure the less you’ll see the star effect. Keep your shutter faster than 1 second.

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