Palette, Palm Cove - Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery


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Location – Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Limited Edition of only 25 artworks.
Read more about the artwork, the camera details, and how this photograph was captured, along with a relevant photo tip, in the product description below.


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Palette, Palm Cove – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery.


Palette, Palm Cove – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery.

This is an unframed, limited edition collection landscape photography print of only 25 units. It is printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl papers, structured to refract the highest values in colour and detail. It’s high-quality ink absorbing layer enables exceptional image quality with enormously detailed sharpness, and a very broad colour range, providing archival permanency of your artwork for over 100 years.


On tripod, Canon 5DMk2, 18mm, F16, 1 sec, ISO 50, no filter, processed in Lightroom.

On this pre-dawn morning, I was walking my beautiful husky, as she loved a walk first thing in the morning. Being my local beach, I could see the cloud patterns forming overhead as I got ready. I knew I had around 30 minutes before sunrise would take hold, so I grabbed my gear and tripod and we headed off to the beach, around 800 metres away.  I knew exactly the spot to set up, as I knew every inch of the beach and this was one of my favourite compositions.

Once set up, my husky lying at my feet, I waited, and waited, and waited, and nothing. I thought, wow, really, thats all you got, nothing? Something said just wait. I snapped a few of the sun actually rising before the colour palette you see began. As each second passed it intensified to paint the sky and cast light on the tops of the bangalow palms as well. As fast as it appeared, it faded. All in all, I estimate 60 seconds of light show, but I saw the best of it!

Palette, Palm Cove – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery.


Sunrise requires planning, the night before. Allow at least an hour before sunrise to be on site, set up, camera ready, tripod sturdy and your position set. Whilst waiting you can spend the time looking for other positions for post sunrise. If you watch the horizon, you can see if the sunlight will paint the sky as it travels toward you, almost like the rising sun is pushing the colour to you. Remember to use a strong composition, and sometimes that does not involve having the sun in your frame, rather just the beautiful light it throws.

Remove any filters and avoid a polarizer. This will close down the highlighted tips of the palm trees and take the shine off your golden light. Expose slightly over to retain detail in your shadows, as digital cameras are better at recalling detail from highlights than the shadows.

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