Swept, Marcoola - Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery


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Location – Marcoola, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Limited Edition of only 25 artworks.
Read more about the artwork, the camera details, and how this photograph was captured, along with a relevant photo tip, in the product description below.


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Swept, Marcoola – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery.


Swept, Marcoola – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery.

This is an unframed, limited edition collection landscape photography print of only 25 units. It is printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl papers, structured to refract the highest values in colour and detail. It’s high-quality ink absorbing layer enables exceptional image quality with enormously detailed sharpness, and a very broad colour range, providing archival permanency of your artwork for over 100 years.


On tripod, Canon 5DMk2, 30mm, F11, 30 seconds, ISO 50, polarizing filter, processed in Lightroom.

Set up on the beach, I watched as the sunset intensified into a beautiful blend of colour. I wanted to capture the movement of the clouds to create a painted look, but knew that without a filter, I’d lose all the colour in the sunset and time was running out. I slipped on a polarizer, but it wasn’t enough, so I reached for the neutral density filter.

Swept, Marcoola – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery.


Creating a painted look to your image isn’t that hard if you follow two simple rules. Firstly, find a great composition and secondly, measure the timing of whatever is moving. Count in seconds and see what distance your subject moves. I could be a cloud or it could be the water flowing over a waterfall. Set up your tripod, attach a neutral density filter if it’s daylight and use your camera’s timer or a remote trigger.

Aim for a subtle amount of movement, not a lengthy movement. I’ve always experimented with various times to achieve the best look. Give it a try.

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