Bridge Walkers, Brooklyn - Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery

Bridge Walkers

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Location – Brooklyn Bridge, New York, United States.

Limited Edition of only 25 artworks.
Read more about the artwork, the camera details, and how this photograph was captured, along with a relevant photo tip, in the product description below.


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Bridge Walkers, Brooklyn – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery


Bridge Walkers, Brooklyn – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery

This is an unframed, limited edition collection landscape photography print of only 25 units. It is printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl papers, structured to refract the highest values in colour and detail. It’s high-quality ink absorbing layer enables exceptional image quality with enormously detailed sharpness, and a very broad colour range, providing archival permanency of your artwork for over 100 years.


Handheld, Canon 5DMk2, 12mm, F8, 1/4 sec, ISO 200, no filter, processed in Lightroom.

After a day of walking around Manhattan capturing images of the city, ints architecture and incredible landmarks, I wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was Memorial Day, so thousands of people were out enjoying the day. I wanted to create an image that depicted an exaggerated size and scale of the bridge (because everything in America is exaggerated), and the hustle and bustle of a fast paced city like New York.

Bridge Walkers, Brooklyn – Steve Rutherford Landscape Photography Art Gallery


Slow shutters speeds often need tripods, depending on what you are doing and the speed you have chosen. Generally it is recommended that anything slower than 1/30 of a second should use a tripod. But what if you don’t have a tripod? There are three things you can do. Firstly, if you have a friend, ask them to stand in front of you, and bend slightly so you can rest your elbows on their shoulders. Your friend will need to be very accomodating of course, but this forms the basis of a tripod. Secondly, if your lens has optical stabilisation, turn it on, this will help by counteracts any camera shake. It does have trade offs though, so do your research on reviews of these lenses. Lastly, as you get more practiced and advanced, use a breathing technique. Stand dead still lock your elbows into your sides as you bring the camera to your eye. This does not work for the arms out stretched method of looking at the LCD screen on the back. Breathe slowly and deeply three times, on the exhale of the third breath, click the shutter. Your heart will have slowed and your breath will relax your arms. Surprisingly your heart beat will vibrate your camera! The end of the exhale is where to click the shutter. Practice makes perfect remember.

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